Gatherers will experience community building, deep listening, discovery, and contemplative practices with the idea to uncover what is theirs to do to move the needle towards social justice.


After listening, the gatherers will begin to hone-in on the area of justice they’d like to impact with a community of interested persons to formulate a plan to take action.


Gatherers will continue with a facilitated community where support is offered through collaborative problem solving, idea generation, and the celebration of small wins.

The L4J experience is much more than a gathering, it provides joy for the journey.

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Rachel Alterman Wallack
Jill H Berg
Taylor W Brelsford
Mashona Council
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Susan Firestone
Malaika Geuka Wells
Sheronde Glover
Gina glymph
Cheryl Goodison
Clive Gordon

Alberta Guise
Lindsey Halman
Meg Harper
Elizabeth Hearn
Patrice Holt
Bill Hooson
Angelina Hunt
Kendall Ivie
Mary Jahntz
Sumaya Karimi
Teri Key-Hooson
Sharon Koller
Susan Landrum
Sandra Leon-Cone
David Littles

Becky Lough
Meade Lowance
Catherine Lowance
Amara Lynch
Susan May
Juile McBride
Megan McKnight
Akiko Moritsugu
Karen Morris
Richard Myers
Carol S Nickle
Nan O’Connor
Nancy Olsen
Dawn Oparah
Kathyrn Potter

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Patricia Prescott
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Diane Rowley
Aubrey Sabba
Jennifer Salerno
Lindsey Salerno Tucker
Ronald Skeete
Bert Skellie
Latonya Sneed
Jarrod Walker
Mary Wilson
Simkhah Wise
Bill Withers


Share your Story

In these times when tensions are high, folks are on alert, and some folks just want to know how they can get involved we want to make it easier for you to share your story. During our pilot of this series, we heard some powerful testimonials. We invite you to share your story of why you will be (or have begun) Listening4Justice to inspire others to do so as well.

Click the button below to go to our Digital Toolkit for graphics and texts to use to share your story.

Digital Toolkit

What past participants had to say…

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